Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Equation (part 2)

The numbers bend and break e base ten
base four, base three, then binary,
identity rolls prime.
The numbers keep on numbing counting
sentences in their wake
with sex and games and worry or blame
heart-beat and breath its own music
like alveoli full-time in union/division.

The end a static shift
dust bending the final rays
back on themselves into nova...
Beyond the sound and into abstraction
all waits for inevitable detraction
a slip on ground too wet to kick
and slop of courage
subsides into igniting fusion
action relative compression shock
revealing the image distortion
repeating the chaos
broken like waves.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

the equation (part 1)

The outer world reflected
pieces shifting
in behavior programmed and executed
to the space return,
broken into two.

It's something you can pick up and then
say it is whatever it is and then
have that come to exist,

but then the other thing is concretes:
overlapping on the sea of pavement, thoughts
recombine through lenses of perception.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


The geese are hiding something;
do not buy their telegraphs.

Terabyte Inca in immolation--
stuck with no water in the gorge of transmission.

Prompt, this

for katy

This, a prompt programmer's fault:
aminopeptides, yes or now.
Snake Doc, I,
another mede extinction.

This prompt a questionnor bump
nudge just hulking that thing you were
thinking meandering walking over thin asia--
cataracts of thought-- Adios Neck,
seasonal recessession reception and eyes.

Prompt, this focus twice: split decisions spilt incised.
Narcoleptic like the prey of Iolani--
the recorded heart still motioned,
ask in code, Coda Skein; twists of alpaca sun.

Build bridges porompt enough to dive right
into float off or better stay in one place
while aces do ink for ever a n
ever in ocean skid.

Monday, April 19, 2010

symbiotic logic preposterous and most harmonic

my brain is big and stupid
and small and stupid
please forgive me

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Excavation 2

Word's aliens waiting paint
the path laughs as they fly out
then ins
the cryptoswitchboard lights in
the chinese room and

petaldoorr emits cascades of sails,
the road before opens a brain
in this moor
we were mere weresounds;
halfdoubled inward arcs of axle,

until the bent popped off a wheel and
the spin initiated a new mountainous
universe. One by one.
We renamed the muscles in our hearts after
ice forests and the surly walls borders burning

ings into our octopus mind(s_

The noiseless rivers brought air and earth to
our waters failingso we fought fire with Ingrid then
smothered her in arpolleras.

Lexicons blared patience at her funeral at sea,
another cogwheel turning passion behind
exactly at how the steadily beat increased while
all of the whale oil in Japan blew sparks.

L'Etranger waited for it to be over
over by the dirigibles until after the
midpoint of forever
while we were playing around with our muscles
vulgar; but there was a key under the stone
and the whales
always needed to idle a bit anyways--
the aliens were still busy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rendered (brave new world)

the skies call
silver screen clouds
the name of each city

but as the droplets change
and the reasons shift
faith renders smokestacks burning

the chuffmachine
wagwongering its crooked finger
in the face some something small
and opening

the projection over formless white peel
rejects T(oronto, Albany, Amherst, Boston
in favor of cloudless pastures
where the mind grazes eye in eye

the guns of the house unbuckle
and the walls breathe in
in that moment before
exploding open.

Monday, February 22, 2010


When things' mechanisms fail us,
are they blown away by the wind in

of cold calculated meat beats
sitting blank in labs in spaceships

the dark star microchip of
an other darkling universe when

to the bleak joys
of security gained in counting

to the end?